Access Management System

Real-time access management system aimed at managing access to the construction site and its zones, tools and machinery, and controlling heating and lighting on a construction site. Reliable multifunctional system for a smart and safe construction site.

Key features

  • Smart-card-based access management with bio-metric readers support to prevent fraudulent card use with instant blocking options.
  • Full control of turnstiles, doors, storage containers, fuel points and logistics gates.
  • Features to control zones and working schedules for sites and workforce to track workers’ attendance and movement between zones.
  • Prevention of unauthorized use of equipment and operator competencies verification (IPAF Smart PAL).
  • Smart lights and heating management through adjusting the temperature in site cabins and tool containers when the workplace is staffed.
  • Full suite of reports for site management (working time, postcodes, accrued time).

Business Benefits

  • Full control over your construction site for more safety and security – reduced number of accidents and lower damage risks.
  • Unauthorized access, theft and damage prevention.
  • More control over workforce (schedule and actual presence on construction site).
  • Substantial savings on heating and lighting.
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