Comprehensive Property Management System

Incit Xpand provides you with comprehensive functionality in the spheres of property administration, operation, maintenance and finances. The system unites over 30 different modules, which can be assembled into the best-fit solution customized to your needs.

Key features

  • Unified property base integrated with BIM (Building Information Model) containing all necessary information about the property including floor plans, utility systems, space availability, etc.
  • Concessions management for control over rent and sales of premises at your properties. This includes waiting lists and special offers management, rent (fixed and turnover), sales and service agreement management, etc.
  • Operation and maintenance modules for more control over personnel, lower operating costs and energy saving through automated energy monitoring, planned maintenance, cleaning and fault reports management, inspections and state assessment functionalities, key handling, etc.
  • Tenants portal where users can browse through all your property offerings, register in waiting lists, go through agreements and invoices, report faults and request additional services, etc.
  • Financial module for managing your assets, expenses, and invoices keeping manual work to a minimum for more efficiency.

Business Benefits

  • Full control over all activities on all property portfolios.
  • All necessary information at our employees’ fingertips due to BIM integration.
  • Increased performance due to automating and simplifying most operations.
  • KPIs control and analysis with automated reporting.
  • Automated invoicing and budgeting.
How can we help you?

Contact us at Tautech or submit inquiry online if you are interested in learning more about the solution or having a live demo.

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