Debt Collection Management System

Qualco Collections is a sophisticated multi-functional solution that allows automating collections processes at all stages including pre-collection, soft, hard and legal collections, setting up efficient and controllable processes and control efficiency of all collection channels (own agent or external ones). The solution allows design the strategies, apply them for the certain segment and execute it.

The system is currently widely used by over 60 companies worldwide including:


Key Features

  • Extended portfolio segmentation (based on over 150 criteria) and tailored strategies for each segment.
  • Robust tools for defining and applying strategies to each segment.
  • Possibility to group strategies into queues by groups of debtors.
  • Strategy modifications during the day.
  • Adjustable collections agent screen with easy access to all information needed for efficient work.
  • Integrated legal collections and field agents modules.
  • Unique integrated analytics system to evaluate strategies and agents performance.
  • Fast integration with multiple banking systems.
  • Extensive tools for working with external agents (agency selection methods, bonus and penalties management, billing and procedures synchronization).

Business Benefits

  • Improved P&L Statement.
  • Decrease in collections process costs.
  • Decrease in non-performing loans number.
  • Decrease in the number of cases which go to legal collections.
  • Increase in agents efficiency.
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