Internet of Things Platform

Comprehensive solution uniting a set of sensors measuring various criteria, gateways analyzing and transmitting data and cloud-based platform to analyze data received and control your properties in real time. Allows to monitor property KPIs (temperature, humidity, etc.), identify deviations at early stages to perform preventive maintenance, and control premises occupancy and use for future optimization.

Key features

  • Device-independent cloud-based analytics platform that can be integrated with various sensors and other systems aggregating data for unified property management.
  • IoT platform is complimented with Sigma sensors, smart cameras and gateways configured specifically for seamless integration with the platform.
  • User-friendly interface with property visualization and various dashboards.
  • A set of pre-configured reports for office space control (climate, desk and meeting room occupancy, etc.).
  • Rich configuration possibilities enabling new reports and dashboards creation.
  • Platform can be integrated with various helpdesk and service management systems for automated alerts and fault reporting.

Business Benefits

  • Device-independent platform complimented with a set of sensors and cameras, which can be used if needed.
  • A lot of pre-configured functionalities.
  • Real-time control over critical KPIs.
  • Optimized preventive maintenance (only when needed and before it’s too late).
  • Single interface to track different Building Management Systems (BMS).
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