Mobilize.Net – Automatic Migration Platform

Mobilize.Net offers automatic migration solutions enabling enterprises to move legacy systems to modern, scalable platforms, such as web, mobile, cloud and .NET. Instead of manually rewriting each line of code, Mobilize.Net’s technology automates the whole process with minimal human intervention by breaking up a legacy system’s business knowledge into components accessible through modern industry-standard protocols.

Key features

  • Migration technology for many different legacy products – including AngularJS, Bootstrap, Kendo UI, HTML5, MVC, Java, Silverlight, Universal Windows Platform and more.
  • Testing: The application undergoes a series of tests to ensure it is functionally equivalent to the original application. It is important to have a series of test cases for this migration stage.
  • Debugging/Coding. Any problem found during the testing stage is corrected here.
  • Creation of native code – all other solutions require costly, proprietary runtimes.

Business Benefits

  • Complete Evaluation of the Project: Analysis of the entire system in the source language.
  • Unique approach to code transformation where we do automatic code separation that divides application code optimally between web clients and servers. The resulting application is multi-tier, multi-tenant, and web-enabled, ideal for mobile device clients and software as a service models.
  • Based on artificial intelligence, Mobilize.Net’s proven cost-effective, rapid and secure technology has successfully migrated thousands of enterprise applications and billions of lines of code.
  • Enhanced application / new functionality: You can now take advantage of the power of the new programming language and third-party tools and libraries to add functionality to the new migrated application.
How can we help you?

Contact us at Tautech or submit inquiry online if you are interested in learning more about the solution or having a live demo.

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