ServiceNow – Innovative Process Management

ServiceNow Workflow automates multi‑step processes that occur between any combination of people and systems to help companies achieve better business outcomes. Customers use ServiceNow to define, structure and automate the flow of work, at the same time removing dependencies on email and spreadsheets in the delivery and management of services for the enterprise. Different functional departments like HR, Legal and other groups don’t need to learn multiple tracking systems.

Key features

  • Enterprise‑wide service management — applying the service model to many different use cases including IT, HR, Facilities, Field service, Finance, Legal, Marketing and other service domains;
  • Upgradability, manageability and scalability;
  • Variety of options to assess design, configuration and performance during or after ServiceNow implementations;
  • Studio IDE and rich set of pre‑built services and templates that can help quickly build, test and publish applications that may span from a single department to entire enterprise.

Business Benefits

  • Consolidation and automation of service management processes, increase in efficiency, cost reduction and allocation of more time to innovating and creating the consumer‑like self‑service experience that users expect.
  • Tracking and visualization of the operational health of the products and services in your installed base in real time. This new approach will drive continuous improvement in your service commitments and pay dividends in customer loyalty.
  • Common platform for connecting customer service to engineering, operations, and other teams. This dramatically increases the velocity of response, the accuracy of resolution, and boosts product and service quality.
How can we help you?

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